About our Research
About our Research

The School of Divinity holds a rich archival collection and has access to many useful research resources.

About our Research
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes

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About Research
and impact
4 Months Diploma
Basic Certificate to Diploma
Basic Certificate to Diploma

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Our aim is to help our students in the following ways:

•Develop a strong and deep relationship with the Lord
•Provide an in-depth understanding of the Word of God
•Make them firm and stable in their walk with the Lord as revealed by the Word through the ministry of the Holy Spirit
•Prepare them for ministry, leadership and servant-hood in the body of Christ
•Impart a correct and clear understanding of the Word of God
•Train and equip future leaders by means of the best training methods
Professional development courses in the humanities and social sciences are created through partnerships: with researchers and lecturers at the God Embassy Training College and other university and with national and international specialists and experts working in their chosen field in corporate and non – profit sectors. This ensures that the professional education we provide combines both the latest in theoretical and objective research along with the most up to date practical application possible. Our courses are available to everyone who meets our entrance requirements and require comprehensive study and self-discipline, effective aid to the spiritual development of all believers.
It is the mission of God Embassy Training College to rise up “Executive Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Developing Managers at Secular programs and Theological programs such as  Apostles, Prophet, Pastors, and Spirit-anointed leaders” who disciple nations. Our programs have the highest curriculum standards within the framework of Secular and Theological side, and Spirit-anointed Biblical authority. We prepare Christian Leaders and Developed Managers, Executive Leaders for an Organization like Companies and Christian service. All Post – Graduate at God Embassy Training College are earned an Executive’s programmers and Post – Graduate. This is achieved by mandatory coursework that must be completed. We offer a wide range of Degree and Certificate programs meant to invigorate and challenge the mind of the believer.

We believe that knowledge empowers people to do great things in this world. We also believe that you shouldn't have to put your life on hold to gain that knowledge.

The idea of distance education is not a new concept for us. We've been offering God Embassy courses at a distance for 7 years. In 2012, God Embassy Training College founded one of the nation's first correspondence courses in African.

At God Embassy Virtual Campus, our mission is making sure you have access to a quality academic experience, even if you have job and family obligations to fulfill. If you can’t come to one of our brick-and-mortar campuses, we'll bring our campus to you. Come for your intensive free College at GETC today.


We are...

convenient, flexible, quality

Our online courses are the same academically challenging courses taught on campus. Yet our online courses are flexible - the asynchronous format allows you to learn at your convenience without stepping onto a campus. And in the end, the degree or certificate you earn as a World Campus student is identical to the one awarded to all of our Penn State graduates on campus.

We are...

passionate, driven, achievers

Our students come from all 5 states, more than 6 countries, and 1 continents, yet they share the goal of making their lives better through education.

We are...

world-renowned faculty

Our faculty, the same faculty who teach on campus, are well-respected leaders in their fields and are renowned experts in the subjects they teach. They are also committed to making sure you get a quality academic experience in your online courses.

We are...

caring, dedicated

Our staff understands that adult students deal with outside responsibilities and challenging life circumstances. We are there to help you achieve your personal and professional g

Our aim is to help our students in the following ways:
· To achieve excellence in teaching and research
· To generate, disseminate and preserve knowledge
· To meet the challenges of a complex, and modern society through informed social   outreach
· To empower through knowledge and information
· To develop a responsible and productive citizenry
· To develop, enhance, and improve the quality of human resources
· To cultivate resolute moral and ethical values
· To meet contemporary regional and national needs and anticipate future social and economic development
· To preserve and promote cultural heritage, humanistic and spiritual values
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