About our Research
About our Research

The School of Divinity holds a rich archival collection and has access to many useful research resources.

About our Research
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes

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About Research
and impact
4 Months Diploma
Basic Certificate to Diploma
Basic Certificate to Diploma

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Good Reasons to Study 4 Months Diploma Short Courses Programmes Management at God Embassy:

He said to them, "Therefore every teacher of the law who has become a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like the owner of a house who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old." (Matthew 13:52).
Associate of Arts Divinity is Now Available with Transfer Credits God Embassy Training College {GETC} has been offering free ministry training since 2012 to those who finish the scholarship class. The scholarship class introduces you to the ministry training world of GETC. The quality of the training and the amount of the classes offered at God Embassy Training College has made it possible to offer a Associate Programmes in different ways. This is exactly what students have been asking for. In 2015, difference ways of degrees were introduced. The Associate of Arts Degree and the Bachelor of Science and other programmess are the Degrees offered at God Embassy Training College for now.

The actual classes are free for those who have completed the scholarship class. Students take free training that gives them “unofficial” certificates, diplomas and degrees. Official awards have administrative fees appropriate for the amount of effort needed by the GETC staff to verify and certify the awards.

Reasons To Pursue An Associate’s Degree In Ministry at God Embassy:

An associates degree in ministry can be a good first step into formal training if you’ve already done some church work and want to start on a path of making ministry a more important part of your life. A Christian church “career” is something people define in many different ways. Some students want to become missionaries and bring a biblical message to the countries all over the world, while others with a gift for public speaking might be attracted to the idea of becoming the minister on a large church, a goal that would require more education in most cases (more on bachelor’s degrees in ministry here). Quite a few devout Christians choose a third path of doing ministry on a part time basis at a smaller church, without leaving their day jobs in the secular world (an approach that’s sometimes called “bi-vocational” ministry, for which there are actually specific degree programs). In a life-long career in the Church, it’s actually possible that a person might do all three of these things for a period of time. A common thread through all, however, is that the choices on this path are generally based more on a sense of personal calling than on earning a great deal of money.


You can start any movement, any time, any day, of the years, that are not regarded to sementer. All our programmes duration base on thesame time.

Associate of Arts Degree (Minimum 9 months, maximum two years)
Bachelors of Science (Minimum 12 months, maximum three years)

Course Details

This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of management. During your time with us, you’ll gain fresh insight into best practice, via access to the latest academic research and case studies. You’ll also develop new skills which will enable you to manage projects in manufacturing, service, social enterprise, charity or public organisations.

Undergraduate Bachelors & Associate Degree Programmes

This is two years for Associate Degree and Three years for the Bachelors Degree study is unique in that it takes you through the entire New Testament chapter by chapter. You literally write you own commentary of the entire New Testament. This is a treasure you will have the rest of your life.  Courses also in kingdom business and optional elective courses in aviation, health and nutrition. Resident students also can elect to learn video skills in broadcasting, editing, cameras and movie production.  Our new apprenticeship program provides guidance and mentoring by placing you in your occupational interest like agriculture, construction, etc. with on the job training.

We believe your degree should be planned around you. Maybe you’ve not quite decided what you’d like to study, or maybe there are a few areas you’re interested in and you can’t pick between them – don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. At the God Embassy Training College we offer a flexible and individual approach to your studies.


1. Enroll for Associate of Arts Degree (Complete Programmes)
2. Enroll for Associate of Arts Degree (Gradually Process Programmes)

The first Part of this programmes is BACHELOR'S OF SCIENCE DEGREE (Complete Programmes):

What do we mean by complete programmes?
This programmed means, when you apply for the programmes, you will not pay as the gradually process programmes. The process of paying complete programmes is different from gradually process programmes. Click on Enrol for Bachelor's of science Degree to learn more information about each programmes.
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