About our Research
About our Research

The School of Divinity holds a rich archival collection and has access to many useful research resources.

About our Research
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes

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About Research
and impact
4 Months Diploma
Basic Certificate to Diploma
Basic Certificate to Diploma

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Welcome to our New Frequently Asking Questions Page. Most of the answers to your question will be here on this page. If the answer to your question is not here, go to our Supprt Page.
This page will be updated regularly so make sure and visit every time you have a questions.

The concept of distance learning could sometimes feel daunting if you are unfamiliar with the online environment. You might ask: Will I be learning completely on my own? What is the online classroom like? How do I take an exam? Will this take more or less time than an on-campus course?

These are a few of the common questions that prospective students ask. If you don’t find an answer to your question, contact us.

New to GETC? Watch this video first! It will answer most of your questions!
How Is GETC Accredited?
Does GETC Have An App Page?
No, Coming Soon
Tour Your First Course URL
Tour your irst course is {BASIC CERTICATE IN MINISTRY}
Resetting Your Password?
Your password can be re-set from your login.

A. Click on the "Forgotten your username or password" option below the login. Fill out the information requested. There will be a option to either give your email address or your username, which are most likely the same. Once you have filled out your email or username, you will be sent an email that looks like this:

(This link is valid for 30 minutes from the time this reset was first

If this password reset was not requested by you, no action is needed.
If you need help, please contact the site administrator.
Click on the link given to you and you will be able to reset your password.
Can I Drop A Course?
Where Can I Order My Certificate From?
You can order certificate from {MINISTERIAL AWARD ORDER PAGE}
When Can I Retake A Failed Course?
Yes. but you will need to contact the administration to re-enroll the course.
Can I Retake a Test?
Yes, if your grade is low, your administration will not accept it, so you need to retake the course.
How Many Classes Can I Take At The Same Time?
Everything is Gradually Process. means Step by Step

You are to start from the begining from BASIC CERTIFICATE IN MINISTRY, and enroll for CHRISTIAN LEADER CERTIFICATE
What Course Should I Take Next?
After you finish your first programs which is the BASIC CERTIFICATE IN MINISTRYy, the next certifcate will be CHRISTIAN LEADER CERTIFICATE, Where you have to study

How Do I View My Grade?
When you login to your page, Go to your Personal page.
I was taking a quiz and I had a network failure. Now my quiz is marked at zero. Do I just have to keep the low grade?
No. If you had a network failure, then contact our Help Desk consultant at edu.info@getc.org.uk, and your quiz can be reset.
How long does it take to complete a class?
That normally depends on how fast or slow you take on your assignments. But an average amount of time for you to complete a class if you’re spending 2-5 hours a week is 2-3 months.
I would like GETC to send me ministry money. Who do I contact?
God Embassy Training College does not raise money or give donations to people or other ministries. We do this because our total focus is to bring high-quality ministry training free of charge. We wish you well in fundraising for your ministry. We also want to remind you that you are not allowed to ask other students at GETC for donations, as stated in the God Embassy Training College terms and conditions.
I Finished My Course But I Still Don't See A Grade?
Contact the administration at the Student Support desk.pls we will get back to you beore 24hour. Thanks
I keep trying to take a quiz and it will not let me. What’s wrong?
Either you are trying to take the quiz before you have received a passing grade on the previous quiz or you need to update your Internet browser to the most updated version for your computer.
I’m trying to take a quiz. Every time I click on “Attempt quiz” it won’t allow me to get past that page.
Normally this problem occurs when the student has a Windows computer. Please try updating your web browser to the most updated version for your computer. If that doesn’t work, you should try a different web browser.
I would like to transfer all credits that I have done at CLI to the new degree program. Do you know how soon you will have core credit requirements available?
Thank you for your interest in the Associate of Divinity degree program. All credits you have already taken at GETC will automatically be transferred to the degree program when you enroll in it. Most core classes are now offered at GETC.
Do I need to do anything to transfer my GETC required credits to the Divinity Degree program?
No. All credits that you have completed at GETC will automatically be transferred toward your Divinity degree.
I was watching a video in a class and it stopped halfway through?
Almost all of our videos are working correctly and most likely the error is occurring on your end. Here are some ways you can resolve your problem. Try reloading the page or using a different internet browser. If that doesn’t change anything, click on the Audio option above the video and you will be able to listen to just the audio. If none of these things are working, then contact the Help Desk consultant at edu.info@getc.org.uk.
If you click on a video and it says the link is broken, please contact the Help Desk consultant right away.

What Does the Online Classroom Look Like?
Our philosophy for designing online courses: Use the latest technology to best deliver the content in the most flexible way while keeping the technology transparent to you.

We use one centralized platform where you can log into your classroom. There you can get assignments, interact with faculty and peers, reply to message boards, and more.

Our courses are created in partnership with our faculty and our instructional designers to ensure a learning experience that is tailored to the subject matter and the expected learning outcomes. We approach the development of our online courses very seriously, so that they mirror the exact same quality content as you would expect on campus.

There is no such thing as a typical online course at God Embassy; each course can look different. For example, a Escathology course's components will differ from a Finance course.

However, our courses do share the following features:

fully online
academically equal to campus courses
interactive and dynamic
adult learner-centric
What if I get sick
1. Visit the God Embassy sick bay as found on campus.
2. Register for the National Health Insurance Scheme through the ISO
How Do I Know if I am Ready to Learn Online?
To help you prepare for online course work, we offer a new-student orientation webinar. We also have a readiness-assessment tool that can measure how prepared you are for online learning and provides valuable resources to help you meet your academic goals.
How Do I Interact with My Classmates and Instructor?
We strive to provide a variety of mainstream technology tools so that you can interact easily with other students and your instructor and continue to use these same tools in your workplace. These include:

Blackboard Collaborate
discussion forums
How Flexible is the Course Schedule?
Virtual Campus courses are designed with your busy schedule in mind, providing the flexibility you need to study at the times most convenient to you.

The majority of the courses are structured for asynchronous learning to provide maximum flexibility for the adult learner.

All of your course activities, assignments, and exams, however, must be completed by their respective due dates. The typical length of our courses is 12 months a year to complete the first part of the program. Some courses may also contain online group work that you need to take into consideration.
What is the Time Commitment?
How Long Will It Take Me to Finish My Program?*************

This answer varies for each student. There are many factors (e.g., transfer credits, course load per semester) that influence how long it will take. Depending on the program, some students are able to complete 12 credits every year - others more than 20 credits. For example, in a cohort-based program, you will be required to take a fixed number of credits each semester as you move through the program with other students, allowing you to consistently complete more credits than students who work at their own pace. You should choose a program that best fits your schedule and your life circumstances. To find out more, contact an admissions counselor.
How Do I Submit Course Work and Take Exams?
Your assignments are submitted electronically through your online classroom environment - just like you would turn them in to your professor on campus. Most exams are taken through an approved College proctor. Once you enroll, we will help you secure a proctor near you. It may even be possible to secure an online proctor in some courses.
What Kind of Computer/Internet Access Do I Need?
We try to make our courses as easy as possible to access technically while still maintaining a quality online experience. (View the basic technical requirements.) You should also review any additional requirements that your program area may have.
What Happens When it is Time for Graduation?
When you earn a degree through Virtual Campus, you earn a God Embassy degree, so this is a special time for celebration with family and friends. Because we also want to applaud your hard-earned success, we will invite you and your family to a special graduation in Ghana and also in Nigeria during the same weekend as commencement on campus. And as a Virtual Campus graduate, you are invited to attend the same commencement ceremony as those on campus. All God Embassy undergraduate and master's degree candidates receive their diplomas in the mail after commencement; doctoral candidates receive their diplomas in person.

This is often the first time that our students set foot on campus, as well as meet their classmates, faculty, and academic advisers in person. It is truly an exciting and emotional experience, and we are honored to be able to share in this joyous occasion with you.You can also check more information from GRADUATION INFORMATION.
How Can I Stay Connected to God Embassy After I Graduate?
Once you've become a God Embassy graduate, you become part of a worldwide and can choose to join the God Embassy Alumni Association, and your first year of membership after graduation is free.

As a member of the Alumni Association, you will gain access to professional development as well as volunteer and friendship-building opportunities with God Embassy throughout the world.
Does God Embassy Training College, Ghana & Nigeria offer financial assistance (scholarships, assistantships, grants) to international students?
At this time God Embassy does not offer financial assistance such as mentioned above, to international students.
How many guest can i bring and is there a charge for these tickets?
You are welcome to bring as many guests as you like.
How can I obtain a letter to invite guests from abroad?
We can however produce a letter that states that you have been invited to attend a graduation presentation, and that you are able to bring guests with to the ceremony. To enquire for a letter, please complete this form (Excel) and emil itthrough to edu.info@getc.org.uk
What do i do if have paid for my guesttickets but they are no longer able to attend?
Be sure of the guests coming to your graduation,because the fund are not returnable.
When and where will the ceremony take place?
The ceremony take place in Ghana and Nigeria but difference date.
Who is eligible to attend?
Students are eligible to attend the ceremony if they have completed a Professional Higher Education and Bachelors degree programmes in 2019 are Advocate or if they have previously deferred their graduation from an earlier finishing period.
What if have completed more than one Qualification?
If you have completed more than one qualification your name will appear in the souvenir brochuer under each qualification. and you will also becoming part of alumni Students
I am unable to make this date, is it possible to graduate on another day?
All the ceremonies will be taking place both Ghana and Nigeria. And if you are Unfortunately enable to attend the ceremony at Accra Ghana or Lagos Nigeria at that time, you will will send the administration mail for us to know, You can defer your graduation until next cermony; either in Ghana or Nigeria. This must be agreed in advance with the Events Team.

Our graduation is Once a year. But sometime can be twice a year both Ghana & Nigeria.
What if my plans change once I have registered online?
Please contact the Events Team on +233 273 660 555 as soon as possible to advise.
I do not see an answer for my problem in these Frequently Asked Questions. Who do I contact?
Please contact the help desk at edu.info@getc.org.uk with an explanation of the problem.
Registration Office Number
+233277636663 or +233206666150