4 Months Diploma Programmes
Basic Certificate to Diploma
Basic Certificate to Diploma

Enroll Now for Basic Certificate to Diploma of Arts Divinity with Powerful Key Point.

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Enjoy full Diploma Programmes
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes
4 Months Diploma of Divinity Programmes

Enroll Now for 4 Months Short Courses Diploma of Divinity with Powerful Key Point.

Application is Available Now!!!
About our Research
About our Research

The School of Divinity holds a rich archival collection and has access to many useful research resources.

About our Research
  About Research and impact
Admissions Information

Admissions Policy

Enroll for complete programs or short course programs. Also, see information on transfer, life-learning, and time required.

We are an open admission, Divinity & Secular College. This means that you can enroll at any time of the year with out regard to semesters. Our education is free class.

We are also God Embassy Training College.  We encourage applications from prospective students who live outside of the Ghana and Nigeria.  Please note:
Admissions Information

·Because all of our programs are in English, prospective students must demonstrate acceptable English language skills prior to enrollment.

·Prospective students must have adequate study resources (access to email, the internet, and postal support).

·Entrance requirements are specific for each program.  For example:  To be accepted into Bachelor's Degree, Master’s Degree, Advances Diploma in Business & Strategies Management, Associate of Arts in HR & Strategies, Post - Graduate program is required.   Application for an undergraduate program by persons not having previously earned college credits will involve a review in order to assure placement in the most appropriate program.  Living Certificate, A high school diploma, or validation of comparable qualification is acceptable(click).

Every prospective students who started from the beginning “BASIC CERTIFICATE IN MINISTRY” to DIPLOMA OF ARTS DIVINITY in Ministry is Tuition free. You only need to apply for certificate in lesser price. But from the ASSOCIATE DEGREE, BACHELORS DEGREE, MASTERS DEGREE, DOCTORATE DEGREE in Ministerial Programmes, we have low tuition that can be afford. Click Here for Miniaterial Programmes. And for Secular Programmes and POST-GRADUATE Programmes Click Here.

In Secular Programmes, programs that are avaliable for now are:

     1. Certificate of Higher Education
     2. Diploma of Higher Education.

In what ever courses of programs you want. Feel free to check for your programs.

· The application process is uncomplicated.  An Admissions Officer will help guide you through the process of data gathering, program choice, and financial considerations.We are a Divinity College & Secular College for mature adults.  Most of our students have already been serving in Christian ministry for many years.  All of our programs are designed for people who must balance the desire for further education with the demands of a busy life.

Congratulations on your decision to further your education. Thank you for selecting the God Embassy Virtual Campus. Whether your goals are career advancement, degree completion, or personal enrichment, we have many programs to meet your needs.

Getting Started

The first step toward earning a God Embassy Degree or Certificate is completing the online application. If you are a returning, international, or military student, or have credits you may be transferring, you may have additional considerations when applying.

Getting Help

Our Admission Services staff is ready to provide you with:

• assistance in selecting the best program to meet your needs
• information about program-specific admission prerequisites
• information about application requirements
• confirmation of your application status.

                 For help with admissions,
                 Email: info.edu@getc.org.uk
                 Tel Number Ghana: +233 27763 6663 or
                                                  +233 2066 66150
                 Tel Number Nigerian: +234 81 442 200 79

Please note that admission prerequisites and application requirements vary by programs.


Our aim is to help our students in the following ways:

•Develop a strong and deep relationship with the Lord
•Provide an in-depth understanding of the Word of God
•Make them firm and stable in their walk with the Lord as revealed by the Word through the ministry of the Holy Spirit
•Prepare them for ministry, leadership and servant-hood in the body of Christ
•Impart a correct and clear understanding of the Word of God
•Train and equip future leaders by means of the best training methods

Theological Admistration Department Office
Strategic Secular Admistration Departmen Office
Registration Office Number
+233277636663 or +233206666150