About our Research
About our Research

The School of Divinity holds a rich archival collection and has access to many useful research resources.

About our Research
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About Research
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Our Functions

1. The primary functions of the University Budget Office are:

To assist the President and the Budget Task Force in developing, implementing, and monitoring the College's annual operating budget. The office serves as principal staff to the Budget Task Force, preparing all agenda materials and implementing budgetary decisions.

2. To support the College strategic planning and budget process through participation in deliberations of committees and hearing panels, presentation of essential institutional data and preparation of various analyses and reports.

3. Administer the position management process to ensure that ongoing funding is available and budgetarily linked to positions. Also, coordinate and participate in implementation of the College's General Salary Increase process.

4. To serve as the primary office for complying with the College's central external reporting requirements. In most cases, the reports are prepared by the Office. In other cases, consistent, official data are provided to other offices for reporting purposes.

5. Continue to develop and produce institutional databases to provide the source of official data for both internal and external reporting.
Our Mission

This is an image of a pie chart. As part of the Office of Executive Vice President and Provost, it is the mission of the College  Budget Office to deliver the highest quality budget management and information services to the College community and external constituents using the most appropriate and progressive technology.
Our Services

Some of our services include:
Budget Development, Implementation, & Monitoring
Tuition Modeling
Position Management
Fact Book
Common Data Set
Appropriation Process

Institutional Reporting
Analytical Studies
AAU Data Exchange
Institutional Rankings
State Reporting
Central Information Systems
Student Achievement Measures (SAM)
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