About our Research
About our Research

The School of Divinity holds a rich archival collection and has access to many useful research resources.

About our Research
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About Research
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GETC Research Review

Social Science Research is an intellectual and systematic investigation of issue/problems/concerns to create new knowledge and perspectives about the phenomenon under investigation. In fact, some colleges and universities are the centres for intellectual discourses and research excellence.

This Research Policy is serving as a guideline to stimulate a research culture at GETC and to help this college to be on par with other research college in the world.

Substantial educational achievement at GETC should be supported and accommodated by scholarly research and their publication. During the first years of its establishment, research was not one of the priorities of GETC.

But as the college started to enrol graduate students, the need to strengthen the research awareness and capacity of GETC academic staff became imperative. The need for a Research Policy and Strategy was recognized as an essential element to guide research activities at GETC.

It was also felt that developing a strong research culture at GETC will further enhance the reputation and recognition of the college.

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the Research Policy is to provide a framework on how to initiate and complete systematic and sustained research with respect to:

Research planning
Programming and implementation
Monitoring and Evaluation
Building of a Research Culture at GETC
Resource planning and sourcing of funding for research.

Specific Objectives

1. To enhance GETC’s commitment to research.

2. To promote and sustain the corporate image of GETC as a place for scholarly research.

3. To build and develop a research culture and to encourage undertaking research for professional and career development.

4. To promote and support the knowledge driven economy by utilization of research input.

5. To collaborate with national research institutions that promote research, science, technology and innovations.

6. To promote research in Managerial Sciences which is at the core of the GETC academic programmes.

7. To publish an internationally peer-reviewed journal, The Country Ghana and Nigeria of Managerial Sciences as the flagship of the college’s research agenda.

Christian and Muslim Studies Network Event
Christian and Muslim Studies Network Event

Christian and Muslim Studies Network Event: Speaking of the One God

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Christian and Muslim Studies Network Event: Speaking of the One God

God Embassy Training College. World-renowned centre for the study of Theology, Ethics, Biblical Studies, History of Christianity, and Religious Studies, philosophical, literary, institutional and contemporary contexts. Students also have the chance to study other religions with a variety of methods in the study of religion, as well as to undertake the study of theology for ministerial training through God Embassy Training College.
The School of Divinity at New College houses a thriving, highly-ranked research community. The School has three strategic priorities in research which are: to promote individual research excellence, to facilitate collaborative and interdisciplinary research, and to support outward engagement.

All of our academic staff are engaged in individual research and writing projects and are associated with one of the School’s research groups. Many are involved in our Research Centres. They may also be involved in a range of collaborative projects with colleagues in this university or throughout the world.

The graduate school and the presence of visiting academics from around the world, some of whom are working in our magnificent library and archive collections, help ensure a diverse and stimulating research environment.

New College also provides the location for the dissemination of research ideas and results through its series of public lectures, such as the prestigious Gunning Lectures, and the extensive programme of research seminars organised by the School’s research groups each year - see the relevant listings in the School of Divinity Events section:
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